Danny Newville Memorial Walk – Save the date!

5th Annual Memorial Walk is Saturday, August 4th

For the past 10 1/2 months, I’ve been writing about 18 year old Danny Newville’s disappearance from my own town of New London, Minnesota in 2002. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I first started blogging about Danny’s case. (Read from the beginning…)

Back in July 2014, a co-worker of mine asked if I would share the information about Danny’s First Memorial Walk on my blog. It was held Saturday, August 2nd, and a small group of family and friends gathered to make the trek from New London Spicer High School, down Main Street, through downtown, and ending at Old Grey Park. There, they shared memories and planted a tree in Danny’s honor. If you haven’t already seen the video, please take a moment to watch it here: https://youtu.be/MFSZo5j5rhw

This year, Danny’s family and friends will once again gather at NLS High School for the 5th Annual Danny Newville Memorial Walk. The event starts at 11am, followed by a BBQ afterward at Henderson Lake.

Click image to download and print a PDF.

I asked Danny’s father, Russ, if I could put together a flyer to help promote this year’s event and he was happy for the offer. He wanted me to stress that all are welcome, and that he and Lidia (Danny’s stepmom) are thankful for all the tips and support this past year.

Baker Printing of Spicer generously offered to print the flyers at no cost. Please help us spread the word by printing a copy of this flyer and taping it up at work. I would love to see a big crowd turn out for this year’s event, and would also love a chance to thank all the people who have helped me try and piece together Danny’s story this past year.

A Facebook event has been created at the following link. Please let us know if you plan to attend, and share the event on your newsfeed.

5th Annual Danny Newville Memorial Walk

See you on Saturday, August 4th!

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If you have information about Danny Newville’s disappearance, please contact Detective Kent Bauman at the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Kent Bauman
Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: 320-214-6700, x3315
Email: 3315@co.kandiyohi.mn.us
Facebook Messenger:

If you’d prefer, you may also contact me using the Contact form on this site.

You may also mail anonymous tips to:

Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office
2201 NE 23rd St, Suite 101
Willmar, MN 56201


  1. Karen (Wahlstrom) Burdick |

    Hi Joy…i am from St. Joe. Our family lived about a mile from the Wetterlings. i thank you for your work on his story and am grateful he was found but horrified at what happened. I hope you can find Danny. I wanted to ask you if you talk to Patty W. often and I know she must be exhausted from years of looking for Jacob but I also know that she knows how horrific it is to lose your child and not know where they are or what is going to happen to them. The children at the border are being taken away from their parents and some of them are so young. The parents don’t know if they will ever see their children again. Patties voice in the media about how devastating that is for parents and children would help make it stop. She is well respected and known for her advocacy for missing children….could she help? What is happening at the border is wrong and what it is going to do to these children is abuse…..Jacob wanted to know what he did wrong to have been taken from his home. These children do too. And they have done nothing wrong and should not have to live thinking they did…or die thinking they did. It is heartbreaking and her voice would make a difference. Thank you Joy.

  2. joy.the.curious |

    Hi Karen. Thanks for your message. I passed your message along to Patty, and I’m copying her reply below. I agree with both of you 100%. This has got to end now.



    From Patty Wetterling:

    We had a very hearty discussion about this at our NCMEC [National Center for Missing and Exploited Children] Board meeting. It is complex for so many reasons, but the biggest challenge is the no tolerance to the immigration policy. I can’t even believe that the United States is taking these children away from their parents. What kind of a nation have we become? When did we lose our humanity and compassion?

    I agree with Karen and we challenged the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to have a more proactive role in addressing this problem. The Board asked the Executive Director to once again meet with Human Services and the Office of Refugee Resettlement to figure out a way to keep children safe and connected to family. There are huge gaps in the system and nobody is taking responsibility to ensure the safety of these children. NCMEC is receiving calls of children missing at the border and is offering every available resource to assist in locating them. But, they also need to speak out on the terrible harm that our government is causing by taking these children in the first place.

    My thoughts are also reflected by all five Presidents’ wives speaking out. They all managed to maintain their humanity while trying to address border issues.

    It seems to worsen each day as we gather more information.

    Every parent should be contacting our elected leaders and call for this to stop. I’ll keep working with NCMEC to see what pressure we can put on these government agencies as well.

    There are really two separate pieces to this: (1) The kids that walk or hop trains for 1500 miles to try to cross the border, and (2) The kids who do cross and then get taken away from their parents. It is all so ugly and painful to know that our government is causing such terrible pain and danger.

    I can relate to the part about the terror these parents have in not knowing where their child is, and I cannot accept our government’s role in being the abductor. It makes me sick.


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