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Danny Newville – His best friend

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Danny Newville – Missing since 2002

I’ve been talking to a few people who were able to add some more details to Danny’s last day. If you read my previous post, you’ll recall one of my questions was how Danny had managed to arrive at his grandfather’s house on Henderson Lake in Spicer (about seven miles away) since he didn’t have a car. Someone must have given him a ride, but I didn’t know who.

I also wondered if Danny’s friend who lived in the Peaceful Hills trailer park had seen Danny that day. That’s where Danny was headed after leaving “the party house” earlier in the afternoon. He started out walking that direction, but did he ever make it? Had he spoken to his friend once he got there? If so, did he seem agitated about anything? And finally, is this the friend who had given Danny a ride to his grandfather’s house?

I decided to get a hold of Danny’s friend and ask him. He asked that I not use his name, but he was happy to hear I was researching Danny’s case. He told me Danny was like a brother to him and he still misses him every single day. “Danny was one of the only people I have ever known as a true friend and person,” he said. “I would do anything to help find him.”

It turns out, Danny DID make it to his friend’s house that afternoon. He remembers they chatted in the front yard for a while… nothing out of the ordinary. I asked whether Danny had seemed odd or upset in any way, but he said no, not that he remembers. He did mention that, later, he found out Danny owed money to some out-of-state drug dealers, but he didn’t know that at the time, and he didn’t have any further details.

Next, I asked him how Danny had made it over to his grandfather’s house. Did he drive him? His friend told me no. Not long after Danny arrived at his house, two girls drove up and he left with them. His friend was able to recall the name of one of the girls, but not the other. I wondered if this detail had been passed along to law enforcement, but he wasn’t sure. (As it turns out, it had not.)

Next, I asked Danny’s friend whether he had been at “the party” the night Danny disappeared. He said no, but Danny had called him from “the party house” at 5:30am the next morning, looking for a ride. Unfortunately, he didn’t have access to a car at that time, so he wasn’t able to pick him up.

Here’s the particularly disturbing part about our conversation. About a year after Danny’s disappearance, his friend started working with law enforcement to help with the investigation. Not long after, he was jumped by a group of 5-7 people — three separate times. The attacks happened about a half year apart.

“You were jumped by people who were trying to cover it up??” I asked him.

“Yes,” he replied.

When I asked him if he knew who had attacked him, he said he never saw them.


Incidentally, I talked to a few more people who were able to tell me the name of the other girl in the car who had picked Danny up from his friend’s house on the day he disappeared. Both names have now been passed along to law enforcement.

I also learned that Danny did eventually make it back to his grandfather’s house that afternoon. He showered, changed clothes, and, I assume, called his dad to ask him to set out his fishing pole. At some point, he headed back out again, but I’m not exactly sure what time that was. I’m also not sure what time he returned to “the party house” that evening… or where he had been before he got there.

Can you help fill in any of the gaps? Do you have additional details about the day Danny disappeared? Please share!

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