Danny Newville – Missing since 2002

Today — August 1, 2017 — marks the 15th anniversary of 18-year-old Danny Newville’s disappearance from my small town of New London, Minnesota. I first shared Danny’s story back on July 30, 2014 when a co-worker asked me to help promote the first annual Danny Newville Memorial Walk. Since then, I’ve thought many times about sharing more of Danny’s story, but it’s difficult. And complicated.

Danny’s story is different from others I’ve written about. In this case, his family and friends are sure he is deceased. There’s no hope of finding Danny alive… of that, they’re certain. But, that doesn’t stop them from searching. They just want Danny back.

Since 2014, Danny’s family has been holding an annual Memorial Walk in his honor. They start at New London-Spicer High School, then proceed across the Mill Pond, through downtown, turn right at Skindelien’s gas station, and end at Old Grey Park. It was there they planted a tree for Danny on the first year of the walk.

View a video from the first year of the walk…

This past Saturday, Danny’s family held the fourth annual Memorial Walk to honor his memory. It was a beautiful day and over 50 people attended the event. I talked to Danny’s dad, Russ, and he sent me the following photos to share.

Here’s where the story gets complicated. Danny was hanging out with a tough crowd, and on the day he disappeared, Danny had just been released from jail for a probation violation. He went to a house party near downtown New London that evening and was never seen or heard from again.

His dad, Russ, has heard all kinds of rumors. There were drugs at the party. Danny owed someone money. Danny was a snitch. Danny OD’ed. They killed him. Hit him over the head. Slit his throat. Cut up his body. Buried him in a drain field.

It’s all horrible… which is why I never wanted to write about any of it. But, here’s the thing. Danny Newville was only 18 years old. Eighteen. He was just a kid. He’s from my own small town of New London, and he has a family who loves him and desperately wants him back so they can give him a proper burial.

I guess the least I can do is share Danny’s story here and hope to keep the conversation going. You just never know.

Russ believes some of the horrible rumors may be true, but what’s complicating matters is that people are too scared to talk. He is 100% convinced that he could find out what happened to Danny if the right person would just be willing to come forward and share what they know.

Danny was born May 7, 1984 to Russ and Cyndy Newville. He was raised by his father and his step-mother, Lidia, after Russ and Cyndy divorced in 1989. Danny also has two half-siblings on his mother’s side – Lyndsey and Ryan.

Russ told me that Danny was always very kind to people. He loved to fish and got along with everybody. When he was about 13, Danny started getting rebellious and skipping school. He fell in with the wrong crowd of people and was eventually taken away from Russ and had to live in a group home. He hated it there and ran away often.

About six months before his 18th birthday, Danny ran away and was living with a friend in New London. After he turned 18, authorities arrested him for a probation violation, and he was sentenced to 45 days in jail. On the day he was released, August 1, 2002, he went to the party and that’s the last anyone has ever seen of him.

Earlier this year, on March 5, 2017, KSTP ran the following story on Danny Newville, which was part of a series on missing Minnesotans.


Danny’s mom, Cyndy, passed away in 2006, just four years after her son’s disappearance. She never recovered from the loss.

Today, Russ, Lidia, Lyndsey, and Ryan still hope for answers. More than anything, they just want their son and brother back. They encourage anyone with information about Danny’s whereabouts to please step forward. Tips can be made anonymously.

If you have any information about Danny Newville’s disappearance, please contact the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office at 320-214-6700.

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  1. It is so wonderful to see you writing again Joy and I do hope he is found.

  2. If they haven’t, the family should contact Todd Matthews, of NAMUS, and also give DNA samples. Sometimes people go missing, and sometimes bodies are found. The idea is to try to match the two up. The family giving DNA samples could help with this.

    I’m sorry to be so blunt, but if they think he’s deceased, it’d be the thing to do, if they haven’t. Todd has helped many people find their (deceased) loved ones, and also has helped identify unknown Jane and John Does. I think he could really help them.

    All my best to them, and good luck getting answers.

  3. joy.the.curious |

    Thanks, Stephanie. Danny’s family has already submitted DNA samples, but this is good advice for all families with missing loved ones. The Minnesota BCA recently received federal funding to test unknown remains and is also encouraging families of the missing to submit DNA samples. More info here: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2017/07/11/bca-families-missing-persons-volunteer-dna/

  4. Kimmarie Olson |

    *Around this same time a friend from way back also turned up missing *Mark Folz* and has never been heard or seen since then * Do you have any updated info on Mark Folz? I’m asking because both stories were similar as was the timing of their disappearance *
    * thank you for the update on Danny *
    * Kimmarie Olson *

  5. joy.the.curious |

    Kimmarie, is Mark from this area?

  6. I am pleased to see you blogging again. In addition to Danny, I would like to see you look into Jodi Huisenteuit’s case. God bless you, Joy!

  7. Thanks for keeping this active, Joy.

  8. Joy, I knew Mark Folz also. He was from Willmar and would have graduated in 1971, but I don’t believe he graduated from Willmar high school. Here is an West Central Tribune article about him and a couple of other missing people from the area. Danny’s name is mentioned also. http://www.wctrib.com/news/region/3671736-missing-persons-cases-west-central-minn

  9. Good to see the interest and update. Hopefully a clue shows from it.


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