Live radio interview with Esme Murphy on WCCO

Yesterday, Esme Murphy interviewed Jared and me on the Chad Hartman Show on News Radio 830 WCCO. We spoke to her during the entire first hour of the show, then Patty Wetterling called in and shared more information during the second hour of the show.

Esme Murphy, WCCO

Esme Murphy, WCCO

I’d personally like to thank Esme Murphy for her heart and dedication in covering this story. She originally wanted to air it last October when she first learned about the Paynesville cases on my blog, but we didn’t feel we were ready yet. Jared felt strongly that victims needed to be contacted personally in order to respect their privacy and their boundaries. We were afraid that any intervention by big media would only make things worse instead of better.

So, we put her off for seven months while we researched these cases and talked to Paynesville residents. It wasn’t until another Minneapolis news station started looking at the case that we finally agreed to talk to Esme Murphy.

She has been respectful and kind, and has taken the time to research the details in order to get the facts straight. I’m especially appreciative to her for working with us every step of the way to cover the story the way we wanted it covered. Thanks Esme.

To download the MP3 files and listen to the full podcasts, click the following links:



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  1. Joy, your blog is amazing! I grew up in Minnesota and being the same age as Jacob, this case had always been in my heart. Thank you to you, Jared, Esme, Dan and Kevin for all of the information and sharing it with everyone. As I was listening to the podcast of the Chad Hartman show, I found myself thinking “Wow! This all fits together too well.” I am convinced the Paynesville cases are linked to Jared and Jacob.

    The only glaring difference that jumped out at me was, why wasn’t Jacob let go? What happened that he wasn’t released to go back home? The other boys were able to go home. Do you have any thoughts on why the difference?

    Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication.

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