Villa am Meer, 2012

Villa am Meer

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  1. Hi,
    Tom Mayers gave me your website since I was looking for information on “Villa am Meer”
    to answer an inquiry that we received from some one who remembers the property from many years ago.
    Your history of the property is wonderful and very complete. None of the people at the LBK Historical Society volunteers(except for Tom) knew anything about the property. When we first moved here in 2002 we walked thru the gate and looked around out of curiosity and interest as to what was there. You have beautifully answered our question. Is okay with you if we link on our website to your item about the house ? I think that many people are interested. Also do you know if Houdini stayed at the house ? Recently a taxi driver told some that he did. Look forward to hearing from you. Chet Pletzke

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